Reliability, Quality and Stability…

Egem İtfaiye was founded to provide service vehicles and machinery to private and public entities in 1992. Egem İtfaiye has been one of the biggest representatives of superstructure sector in Turkey since 1992. Our all products are certificated and Egem İtfaiye undertakes to task, which is the best quality, the best R&D department. According to this task, Egem İtfaiye is the leader in quality, R&D, and after sales services. We are proud of ourselves about being the most reliable and the leader company in Turkey.


In April 2013, Egem İtfaiye is moved to new facility which is in Kemalpaşa for improvement its capacity, technology and resources. Now, Egem İtfaiye is able to produce 20 vehicles per month with more than 50 expert employees. The main mission of the company is being leader in superstructure sector and showing its quality to more than 25 countries over the world until 2023.


We kindly invite you to gather with the company which can offer mentalist solutions, quality, affordable price and aesthetics jointly.